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Kate in Yellowstone.jpg

non est ad astra mollis e terris via

(there is no easy way from the earth to the stars)

American photographer Kate Hannon employs both classic and innovative digital processing techniques in the creation of her images. She is also an accomplished writer. From the serious to the sublime, everything is fodder for the inspirational moments she transforms into visual meditations. Born in Boston and still based in coastal Massachusetts, the New England people and places have been central to her life's work, though she occasionally ventures beyond its bounds. A former journalist and marcomm guru who owned her own firm -- Young Stacey Associates, Inc. -- for 30 years, Kate holds a BA in journalism from Northeastern University in Boston. During her college years, her photography skills were fine-tuned with late night sessions in NU's darkroom as well as with courses at the nearby MassCollege of Art and New England School of Photography. Though she'd been shooting since age nine, while she was a co-op student in the WGBH-TV newsroom a staff photographer took her under his wing and opened her eyes to a wider view of photography as both journalism and art. After her time with the legendary journalist Louis Lyons on his "News & Comments" production team, she went on to work for newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies and corporations before becoming a consultant. Now mostly retired, when she isn't on photo road trips in her cherry red Jeep Kate spends time processing images and writing from her studio overlooking tidal marshes and the Northern Atlantic ocean.  

(Self portrait, Grand Teton National Park, 2018)


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